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AI Hunter: Google’s Gemini Pro Beats GPT-4

Post at:January 29, 2023 at 12:57 PM

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AI Hunter Headline

Google’s Gemini Pro Beats GPT-4

Google CEO

Summary: Google’s Gemini Pro (also known as Bard) has surpassed OpenAI’s GPT-4 and is now in the second position on the HuggingFace Chat Bot Arena Leaderboard.

It is noted as only Google’s second-best model, with Gemini Ultra still to be revealed. This comes at a time when OpenAI is reported to be preparing for the launch of GPT-5.

There is also speculation of an upcoming model from Meta, Llama 3, which could potentially surpass GPT-4. Google has additionally integrated “Help Me Write” functionality into all websites using Google Chrome which will significantly reduce the need for users to draft content on ChatGPT.

AI Hunter Tech

A new AI model called Morpheus-1 claims to induce lucid dreaming

Summary: Neurotechnology startup Prophetic has developed a new AI model, Morpheus-1, which they claim can help induce and stabilize lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming refers to being aware and having control over one’s dreams. Morpheus-1 uses current brain states to generate ultrasound holograms which are sent to the brain to induce lucid dreaming.

The technology is tied to a new headband product called “The Halo”, set to be released as a beta program in the Spring.

Prophetic states that lucid dreaming can be beneficial to self-awareness and potentially even mental health issues such as nightmares, clinical depression, or PTSD. However, it is also noted that lucid dreaming can lead to disturbed sleep if done too frequently.

Samsung to Showcase Baidu’s Ernie AI in Latest Galaxy Phones

Summary: Samsung Electronics plans to feature Baidu’s AI model, Ernie Bot, as a highlight in its new Galaxy S24 smartphones series in China.

The South Korean company presents this latest handset family as the beginning of AI-powered smartphones. Baidu’s AI tools will be used for text summarization, organization, and translation.

Baidu will also provide backend support for Samsung’s “circle to search” feature, which is managed by Google in other markets.

This collaboration marks a significant adoption of Baidu’s AI, Ernie, a Chinese alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Although Samsung’s market share in China’s smartphone market has decreased to 1-2% in recent years, the prominent display of the Ernie AI might appeal to its existing users.

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